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Great People are Born in March

♫♪ “all those that are born in March, stand up, stand up, ariya riya roses God bless you”
Before now, Great People are born in March was just a phrase I used in bragging every year. I’m not even sure how I started off or where I got the idea from but it has stuck with me and proven true (mischievous grin). Anyway, feel free to join the haters club while my March buddies and I take the high seat at the Bragging Kids Club.
To finally lay this argument to rest, perhaps a sneak peek at some of the people I’m sure you love can be found HEREand below. Don’t worry if some of these names sound strange. It comes with the territory. Those born in March are like HTC phones- Quietly Brilliant. J
Even the Bible describes those born in March; “They attack like warriors; they climb the walls like soldiers. They all keep Marching straight ahead and do not change direction or get in each other’s way. They swarm through defences, and nothing can stop them.” *dancing* (Joel 2:7-8 GNT)
So welcome to …

Valentine Day Blues

Valentine Day Blues!!!

So after all the euphoria of the day, Cakes, Red apparel, Dinners, Glitz and Glam, The day just ended on a sad note for Nigeria. There was news that Goldie Harvey gave up the ghost on February 14. If this is true, Vals day would never be the same for Goldie's family. The news started filtering in at about 8ish, and I think so many people chose to ignore it till this morning. Personally, I thought it was a joke and probably still don't entirely believe.
But it’s February 15th and the rumour is yet to go away. Sad! So this got me thinking again about life. How we are only preserved by the mercies of God. Who would have thought? Anyone could wake up and not go back to sleep in the same bed forever. The truth is if God says it’s time, then it’s time.
Life is short, times are hard, a baby will someday grow old, and with each passing day, we’re one day close to our graves. This is not to impute fear in anyone. This is to evoke deep reflections on how to maximize …

Happy Val's Day Everyone!!!

Why is Val’s day so different this year? The atmosphere is more fitting for a world about to end. There's this unexplainable rush everywhere. Everybody seems to be in a hurry, cards are sold out, counters are crowded, teddy bears and fluffy pillows are overpriced. Some people have a touch of red apparel, some can't be bothered.

I look at blackberry display pictures and I laugh. It looked like some guys had been forced to use a lady's picture at gun point. Their profile had pictures without words. No happy Val’s day or even the latest acronym HVD;mba, no form of association whatsoever.

In the end, there were gifts and there were gifts. In secondary school we called it declaration. Once anyone approached a hostel with gifts the entire house would erupt in shouts of declaration and almost escort the messenger to deliver. Unfortunately the real world has none of that excitement on Val’s day. In secondary school, there were all kinds of 'Val'; Food Val, Picture Val, Under…

Your First Mobile Phone

It's confession time. I know you are now an Android spotting, Iphone carrying, Blackberry owner. But I'm curious. What was your first phone? How much did it cost you?  and just out of curiosity again, What kind of phone would that amount of money get you now?
To think there was actually a time when everyone relied on the analogue Nitel phones to communicate. Those were the original “Telephones” (I say that with an igbo accent) with only one ringtone option “Grin Grin”.  Even your next door neighbour would know you had a phone call. There was no option for checking missed calls. If you missed a call, that was it. If someone lied that they called you, there was no way you could confirm.  
While some people possessed and others shared Telephones between houses, the rich ones at the time owned a Thuraya...that heavy thing that cost so much and was claimed to have the ability to receive and make calls from anywhere; Even the moon.   Before the Thuraya, multinational companies had giv…

Happy Birthday to an Amazing Guy

I have chosen to create my own world of celebrities. So today, I celebrate an amazing individual.John Brown. His name sounds like something from Gulliver’s Travels or Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.
I don’t have a biography; I probably don’t even know how old he is today.  But here’s wishing John Brown a very happy birthday. Like the Irish blessing goes; 

“May your days be many and your troubles be few. May all God's blessings descend upon you. May peace be within you, may your heart be strong. May you find what you're seeking wherever you roam.”Happy Birthday, I celebrate You!!PS: This is not an advert. He's very much taken. (I think I just heard a sigh...LOL) Sorry ladies, the handsome young man will be walking down the aisle very soon J

She said Yes!!!

Vals day is almost here and boys, sorry, men have started popping rings and questions like champagne. I’ve been forced to wonder if it was possible to say no actually. Yels, No. What would happen if a guy goes through all the trouble only to be answered with a public No! Ouch!

Ok I promise not to get derailed. This is just to congratulate a guy I barely know and a lady who I will totally walk past on the street but helped pick out her ring. Yes, I took the time, while everyone was busy watching Nigeria spell Mali in goals, and I went to the Gold shops to look for a ring for this lucky lady.

My cousin had called to ask for a favor, about helping a guy get a ring for his girlfriend. OMG, things like this excite me so much. In fact, if you don’t ask me I will totally volunteer my services. I made sure I Informed every guy who was yet to propose around me, so they could see what their fellow men were up to and get thinking.

The proposer wanted a ring with one of those elevated single stones,…

RE: Silverbird's Version of Dr. Bello

So as a sequel to the blog on Silverbird's Dr. Bello, I think it would be only fair to inform everyone that I did get appeased.. (Grinning)
Perhaps venting may have not been the answer. My Friend and Brother had been magnanimous enough to post my appeal for pity on their blogs: and
A comment on Cherrywine's blog had me reeling: "AA (I know u) when in doubt watch animation...hubby knows best"; I guess Hubby does know best after all.
While I decided to write about it and nurse my frustration, Hubby simply ran into a Silverbird staff, probably smiled and told him what happened and BAM! We got free tickets to another movie of our choice.
My advice nonetheless; Please vent and trust hubby/boyfriend/brother at the same time. :)

Silverbirds’s version of Dr. Bello!!!

Silverbirds’s version of Dr. Bello!!!
My husband and I arrived the Silverbird Entertainment Centre in Abuja on Friday December 28, 2012 at about 8:00pm, with no particular movie in mind. Having had a tiring day at work with no time to check up the available movies, I relied heavily on the movie guide in selecting a movie.