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Great People are Born in March

♫♪ “all those that are born in March, stand up, stand up, ariya riya roses God bless you”
Before now, Great People are born in March was just a phrase I used in bragging every year. I’m not even sure how I started off or where I got the idea from but it has stuck with me and proven true (mischievous grin). Anyway, feel free to join the haters club while my March buddies and I take the high seat at the Bragging Kids Club.
To finally lay this argument to rest, perhaps a sneak peek at some of the people I’m sure you love can be found HEREand below. Don’t worry if some of these names sound strange. It comes with the territory. Those born in March are like HTC phones- Quietly Brilliant. J
Even the Bible describes those born in March; “They attack like warriors; they climb the walls like soldiers. They all keep Marching straight ahead and do not change direction or get in each other’s way. They swarm through defences, and nothing can stop them.” *dancing* (Joel 2:7-8 GNT)
So welcome to …