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Joint Accounts: Yay or Nay?

A very interesting discussion took place in my office yesterday and I tried to write about it immediately, but there’s just always one form of distraction or the other these days. I have a couple of half written posts and I had to make a mental resolve not to let this one suffer the same fate as my other half baked posts.
To be honest I’m not sure how that Monday morning office conversation went from sitting with your wife in church even when it means being confined to the nursing mothers section of the church, to using your spouse to wade off advances from the opposite sex, to Joint Accounts.
Joint Accounts are usually a sensitive topic for discussion. Couples try to agree on whether to have Joint Accounts prior to getting married or once the dotted lines are signed. I just assumed it was common place to discuss whether or not to have Joint Accounts. And I might as well add that even when people agree to have a Joint Account, sometimes they never get around to opening one. But nonethel…