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What happened to Christmas?

Growing up, there was a buildup of excitement for Christmas. Once the 12th month of the year arrived in all its glory, the countdown to Christmas would begin. Decorations would go up, the Christmas tree would finally come out of a place it had been relegated to for 11 months, Christmas lights would get strung, some with music some with burnt bulbs. Street Carnivals and Christmas parties would be held everywhere you turn, some fireworks and then of course the evergreen carols - same songs every year but never old.
December always arrived with pomp and pageantry bringing with it an unexplainable sort of excitement which climaxed with the entry into the New Year. And if the new year consisted of unique numbers like 01/01/01, then people would probably try to get married on that day to immortalize the date. December always had lots of parties, I think I said that before, but December is truly famous for weddings, you have to not live in Africa if you don’t know at least one person getting…

Award Tag

This 'Award Tag' by Cherrywine is a call to post by force. At a point in my life where I have no zeal to do anything but sleep after the day's job is done, it feels like punishment. But it's Cherrywine, and I love how her queen's English can quickly dissipate into some serious western Nigeria dialect, so here's my mega belated response to the Tag.

1. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, potential? 
Ehm, to be honest, I do not think I have a secret weapon and seeing as I'm married, I think this question would be best answered by the husband.
2. What are the components of a perfect sandwich?
Caesar Mayo, Chicken breasts, Lettuce, Cucumber, Bacon (Just buy me a Pret Chicken Caesar)
3. Texting or talking?
Texting! Talking requires the perfect ambience and time. but you can text right in the middle of a concert.
4. How should people that speak with "a foreign accent with strong H-factor or any other factors" be pu…

The Game of Fives

Not exactly an accurate depiction, but a lunch time conversation went something like this;

"Me: So have you been to Nigeria?
Partner: Interestingly, I have. Been quite a long time now, over twenty years ago, (pause) for a sport.
Other Partner: What sport?
Partner: Fives!
Me and other Partner: What's that...?"

I'm not sure how many of you are like me and have never heard of the game of Fives until today. But I'm glad the other British partner was as oblivious as I was. What was intended to be a question for small talk ended up being my education about a game largely unknown even in the U.K.
To be honest, I was intrigued; because he went on to say a game of Fives attracted more fans in Nigeria than it did in the UK at the time, which was quite interesting for a game invented in the UK. So the game of Fives is very much like the game of Squash, it involves hitting a ball against a wall, but with your hands and with no back walls.
His experience is twenty five years old, …

Keep Calm and Prepare for Marriage!

It’s my wedding anniversary soon, and as usual, a girl has been reflecting; no scratch that; analyzing. A girl has been analyzing the teeny weeny years of marriage. I won’t pretend. ‘Why did I get Married?’ is not just a movie it’s a valid question that has popped up in my head hundreds of times.
There are nuggets here and there on what to do, what to say, how to behave, on submission, on love, on kids, on this on that. But recently, I began to ask myself what I could have done to prepare myself for marriage. While waiting to get married, especially if you’re single, you may have been advised to plan your wedding in faith. Dear friend of mine, I do not come to you by chance J don’t plan your wedding in faith biko. Plan your marriage in faith!
At some point I had told myself, I just don’t have the commitment it takes to make a marriage work. I look at my single friends who want to be married so badly and I’ve been itching to say, “Sister, are you sure you want to get married? Marriage is…

Joint Accounts: Yay or Nay?

A very interesting discussion took place in my office yesterday and I tried to write about it immediately, but there’s just always one form of distraction or the other these days. I have a couple of half written posts and I had to make a mental resolve not to let this one suffer the same fate as my other half baked posts.
To be honest I’m not sure how that Monday morning office conversation went from sitting with your wife in church even when it means being confined to the nursing mothers section of the church, to using your spouse to wade off advances from the opposite sex, to Joint Accounts.
Joint Accounts are usually a sensitive topic for discussion. Couples try to agree on whether to have Joint Accounts prior to getting married or once the dotted lines are signed. I just assumed it was common place to discuss whether or not to have Joint Accounts. And I might as well add that even when people agree to have a Joint Account, sometimes they never get around to opening one. But nonethel…