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International Women's Day (IWD)

The IWD this year is a serious matter. Ladies are excited, men are offended, and children could not care any less. Personally and to be honest I just knew it was women’s day courtesy of a HR Memo lining up activities to celebrate the day. So the men keep asking, “What exactly are you people celebrating? Is there a Men’s day? What’s so special about women’s day?” (*tongue out*)
I gave my own little defence by saying they would have a men’s day two days to Father’s day (covers face). Abi, seeing as Women’s day is two days before Mother’s day. Another man said it is all this attention given to women that has caused problems in the world, reduced the level of submission and increased the rate of divorce. Me I don’t know about that one!
All I know is; why should Women not be celebrated? A woman does a lot and I mean a whole lot. Some women support their families, and by family I do not necessarily mean her husband and kids, I mean her parents and siblings. After all, there are homes where al…