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Dear DSTV,

DSTV Seems to have touched nerves this season. Below is an open letter to DSTV by an angry customer. I laughed hard when this was sent to me by Mistah Cole.

Dear DSTV, "I am writing this letter to you, Multichoice/DStv, as a client of yours who has been with the company since the 90's when it was still known and referred to as Multichoice, and i have to say- this is an ALL time low for you guys as you are now obviously out of content despite your exorbitant rates. Some few months ago, you increased the fees for bouquets and also "added" some new scam stations which would normally have pacified people. However this was not to be the case as the repetition of content only increased. For some weeks now a number of movies have been on heavy rotation. Examples of such movies are Jackie Chan's THUNDERBOLT, DIE ANOTHER DAY, TOMORROW NEVER DIES and all the other James Bond movies (Except CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL). Initially it was understandable as …