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2013!!! The year beautiful ones were born and according to Mrs. Ayede, the year great ones left us. In less than 10 days, 2013 will become history, a year that will only be remembered for calculating milestones and anniversaries. Never again will we have dates like 11-12-13, there’ll never be another 2013, at least not in this lifetime. Sadly, we leave behind those we loved and lost; those whose life journeys ended in 2013.
Nelson MandelaKofi AwoonorMargaret ThatcherAdenike Ogungbe (Ewar)Lou ReedCory MontheitMrs. Christy Adebimpe (Shekere Alaafin)Chinua AchebeKehinde Okikiolu SimpsonPaul WalkerDr. Emmanuel IwelomenMike AkhigbePeter OkoduaDr. Irawo AdamolekunMrs  Ali-AmehSolomon LarSusan Oluwabimpe “Goldie” HarveyOmolade BalogunBukky OniFestus IyayiSometimes I wonder if there’s a reason certain people leave together in the same year. Yet again, every one of these people would have wanted the rest of us to boldly take on 2014 and make a change. So while we pray that their souls continue …