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Your First Mobile Phone

It's confession time. I know you are now an Android spotting, Iphone carrying, Blackberry owner. But I'm curious. What was your first phone? How much did it cost you?  and just out of curiosity again, What kind of phone would that amount of money get you now?
To think there was actually a time when everyone relied on the analogue Nitel phones to communicate. Those were the original “Telephones” (I say that with an igbo accent) with only one ringtone option “Grin Grin”.  Even your next door neighbour would know you had a phone call. There was no option for checking missed calls. If you missed a call, that was it. If someone lied that they called you, there was no way you could confirm.  
While some people possessed and others shared Telephones between houses, the rich ones at the time owned a Thuraya...that heavy thing that cost so much and was claimed to have the ability to receive and make calls from anywhere; Even the moon.   Before the Thuraya, multinational companies had giv…