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The beautiful Ewar; Ewar the Beautiful

The beautiful Adenike Kareem;  that was how my friend 'B' and I first knew you With your cute room in articulate hall and that bucketful of nail polish I remember the tiny piece of rug which had a huge pile of wiped off acrylic That piece of rug that belongs in a museum, wonder where it is now.
The beautiful Adenike Ogungbe,  we kinda knew you would marry B. Ogungbe Remember when we first saw you in action in Ijebu-Ode at S’ wedding? We all sat and watched you transform the bride; You’ve come a long way from there now.
The  beautiful CEO of Ewar Makeovers; You were not just the CEO of Ewar makeovers, you are 'Ewar', beauty personified How do you know how to tie gele? people ask; I learnt from Ewar I always proudly say; I remember the protein diet when you wanted to lose weight in 2007 I still recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight now. You were strong; You were selfless; You were determined and You were full of Life;
The beautiful Make Up Artist You always make my friend ‘…