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Sitting on Air

This man and a couple of other men spotted at the Cardiff city centre practically sit on nothing but thin air and maintain that position for hours. How they do it, still remains a mystery to me. But perhaps you’ll have an answer for me

Leota's Garden

I finally read a book for leisure, not for an exam or a legal opinion. My life is not so busy after all. I realized I just had to take it with me everywhere and I went and I noticed the opportunities to read presented itself. OK so I must confess, it did take a few months to finish. What? I'm a busy person. I didn't plan to read it for so long obviously, but there was just never time to pick it up, even when I carried it around in my bag everyday despite its weight. When you try reading it at the salon, the stylist would ask you to hold your head up, when you settle in to read it at home, you get a call or a knock at the door that just distracts you.
Excuses aside, I finally finished Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers. (Big Grin). I've been done reading this 425 paged book for about a month now but I suddenly find myself missing Leota Reinhardt and her granddaughter. I was quite sad that her daughter did not have the opportunity to make amends in person and I was just so mad…