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Pagada - A village remembered by God

From the moment it was announced, I knew I just had to be a part of it. If I was being lazy with launching out on my own, then perhaps I could tag along and be a blessing nonetheless. I’m so glad I made it to Pagada. The name does not even sound razz. It may very well be the latest designer in town and girls would instantly add a ring to the name ‘Pagada’… but these Pagadians had no clue what designers were in vogue, let alone turn their village name into a reigning word.
So God sent the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Abuja, and the church responded. 50 minutes drive or thereabout Pastor had said, but then he also had never been there. Away we went; a convoy of cars and buses, a beautiful array of coloured COZA caregiver T-shirts, and an excitement that was almost confusing. I had to remind myself this was Abuja. If it was Lagos I’d have thought I got the announcement all wrong, and perhaps we were headed to the beach. It was after all Easter Monday.

But we were headed to Pagada, a villa…