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Happy Val's Day Everyone!!!

Why is Val’s day so different this year? The atmosphere is more fitting for a world about to end. There's this unexplainable rush everywhere. Everybody seems to be in a hurry, cards are sold out, counters are crowded, teddy bears and fluffy pillows are overpriced. Some people have a touch of red apparel, some can't be bothered.

I look at blackberry display pictures and I laugh. It looked like some guys had been forced to use a lady's picture at gun point. Their profile had pictures without words. No happy Val’s day or even the latest acronym HVD;mba, no form of association whatsoever.

In the end, there were gifts and there were gifts. In secondary school we called it declaration. Once anyone approached a hostel with gifts the entire house would erupt in shouts of declaration and almost escort the messenger to deliver. Unfortunately the real world has none of that excitement on Val’s day. In secondary school, there were all kinds of 'Val'; Food Val, Picture Val, Under…