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2013!!! The year beautiful ones were born and according to Mrs. Ayede, the year great ones left us. In less than 10 days, 2013 will become history, a year that will only be remembered for calculating milestones and anniversaries. Never again will we have dates like 11-12-13, there’ll never be another 2013, at least not in this lifetime. Sadly, we leave behind those we loved and lost; those whose life journeys ended in 2013.
Nelson MandelaKofi AwoonorMargaret ThatcherAdenike Ogungbe (Ewar)Lou ReedCory MontheitMrs. Christy Adebimpe (Shekere Alaafin)Chinua AchebeKehinde Okikiolu SimpsonPaul WalkerDr. Emmanuel IwelomenMike AkhigbePeter OkoduaDr. Irawo AdamolekunMrs  Ali-AmehSolomon LarSusan Oluwabimpe “Goldie” HarveyOmolade BalogunBukky OniFestus IyayiSometimes I wonder if there’s a reason certain people leave together in the same year. Yet again, every one of these people would have wanted the rest of us to boldly take on 2014 and make a change. So while we pray that their souls continue …


Recently, I have been trying my hands out on some food -Xperiments, been reading Food Blogs like the dailies and been discovering some amazing food secrets like the Sesame Seed Oil (thanks to my food network watching cousin)!!!
I'm not a big eater, in fact I can be perfectly defined as "the lady that does not eat" I get comments like "that's why you're not fat" "when you won't eat" "you need to eat" yada yada yada. I tell anyone who cares to listen, food is not the reason I'm not fat. In fact, while I may not be a big a eater, the composition of my tiny meals will send any one with fat genes to the gym.
I love any meal that comes with colour and has an aroma that has me sniffing around. So I basically try to turn everyday meals into something with an aroma and color or a different shape. Sometimes, I stand at the door to my refrigerator and just keep staring. My financial industry work has me staring at every food item and cons…

Locks of Love; Jazz or Not?

The Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archeveche in Paris have been re-branded by tourists from all over. Neither of these bridges still maintain their original identity, they are now known simply for the hundreds of padlocks attached to the bridge. To be honest, I do not even remember which one of these two bridges I crossed, all I remember seeing is an unbelievable number of padlocks.
From the foot of either bridge, tourists are met with hundreds of padlocks either attached directly to the railings of the bridge or attached to other already attached padlocks on the bridge.
Let me give a brief history of the locks of love before I throw on my African cap. Couples go to these bridges prepared to “seal” their love with a padlock. This is obvious from the fact that most of the padlocks have engraved names while some simply have names inscribed with a felt pen. They call it a symbol of love and commitment (whatever happened to the wedding ring).  The lovers, both of whom must be present, lo…

The beautiful Ewar; Ewar the Beautiful

The beautiful Adenike Kareem;  that was how my friend 'B' and I first knew you With your cute room in articulate hall and that bucketful of nail polish I remember the tiny piece of rug which had a huge pile of wiped off acrylic That piece of rug that belongs in a museum, wonder where it is now.
The beautiful Adenike Ogungbe,  we kinda knew you would marry B. Ogungbe Remember when we first saw you in action in Ijebu-Ode at S’ wedding? We all sat and watched you transform the bride; You’ve come a long way from there now.
The  beautiful CEO of Ewar Makeovers; You were not just the CEO of Ewar makeovers, you are 'Ewar', beauty personified How do you know how to tie gele? people ask; I learnt from Ewar I always proudly say; I remember the protein diet when you wanted to lose weight in 2007 I still recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight now. You were strong; You were selfless; You were determined and You were full of Life;
The beautiful Make Up Artist You always make my friend ‘…

Dear DSTV,

DSTV Seems to have touched nerves this season. Below is an open letter to DSTV by an angry customer. I laughed hard when this was sent to me by Mistah Cole.

Dear DSTV, "I am writing this letter to you, Multichoice/DStv, as a client of yours who has been with the company since the 90's when it was still known and referred to as Multichoice, and i have to say- this is an ALL time low for you guys as you are now obviously out of content despite your exorbitant rates. Some few months ago, you increased the fees for bouquets and also "added" some new scam stations which would normally have pacified people. However this was not to be the case as the repetition of content only increased. For some weeks now a number of movies have been on heavy rotation. Examples of such movies are Jackie Chan's THUNDERBOLT, DIE ANOTHER DAY, TOMORROW NEVER DIES and all the other James Bond movies (Except CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL). Initially it was understandable as …

Sitting on Air

This man and a couple of other men spotted at the Cardiff city centre practically sit on nothing but thin air and maintain that position for hours. How they do it, still remains a mystery to me. But perhaps you’ll have an answer for me

Leota's Garden

I finally read a book for leisure, not for an exam or a legal opinion. My life is not so busy after all. I realized I just had to take it with me everywhere and I went and I noticed the opportunities to read presented itself. OK so I must confess, it did take a few months to finish. What? I'm a busy person. I didn't plan to read it for so long obviously, but there was just never time to pick it up, even when I carried it around in my bag everyday despite its weight. When you try reading it at the salon, the stylist would ask you to hold your head up, when you settle in to read it at home, you get a call or a knock at the door that just distracts you.
Excuses aside, I finally finished Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers. (Big Grin). I've been done reading this 425 paged book for about a month now but I suddenly find myself missing Leota Reinhardt and her granddaughter. I was quite sad that her daughter did not have the opportunity to make amends in person and I was just so mad…

Pagada - A village remembered by God

From the moment it was announced, I knew I just had to be a part of it. If I was being lazy with launching out on my own, then perhaps I could tag along and be a blessing nonetheless. I’m so glad I made it to Pagada. The name does not even sound razz. It may very well be the latest designer in town and girls would instantly add a ring to the name ‘Pagada’… but these Pagadians had no clue what designers were in vogue, let alone turn their village name into a reigning word.
So God sent the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Abuja, and the church responded. 50 minutes drive or thereabout Pastor had said, but then he also had never been there. Away we went; a convoy of cars and buses, a beautiful array of coloured COZA caregiver T-shirts, and an excitement that was almost confusing. I had to remind myself this was Abuja. If it was Lagos I’d have thought I got the announcement all wrong, and perhaps we were headed to the beach. It was after all Easter Monday.

But we were headed to Pagada, a villa…

International Women's Day (IWD)

The IWD this year is a serious matter. Ladies are excited, men are offended, and children could not care any less. Personally and to be honest I just knew it was women’s day courtesy of a HR Memo lining up activities to celebrate the day. So the men keep asking, “What exactly are you people celebrating? Is there a Men’s day? What’s so special about women’s day?” (*tongue out*)
I gave my own little defence by saying they would have a men’s day two days to Father’s day (covers face). Abi, seeing as Women’s day is two days before Mother’s day. Another man said it is all this attention given to women that has caused problems in the world, reduced the level of submission and increased the rate of divorce. Me I don’t know about that one!
All I know is; why should Women not be celebrated? A woman does a lot and I mean a whole lot. Some women support their families, and by family I do not necessarily mean her husband and kids, I mean her parents and siblings. After all, there are homes where al…

Great People are Born in March

♫♪ “all those that are born in March, stand up, stand up, ariya riya roses God bless you”
Before now, Great People are born in March was just a phrase I used in bragging every year. I’m not even sure how I started off or where I got the idea from but it has stuck with me and proven true (mischievous grin). Anyway, feel free to join the haters club while my March buddies and I take the high seat at the Bragging Kids Club.
To finally lay this argument to rest, perhaps a sneak peek at some of the people I’m sure you love can be found HEREand below. Don’t worry if some of these names sound strange. It comes with the territory. Those born in March are like HTC phones- Quietly Brilliant. J
Even the Bible describes those born in March; “They attack like warriors; they climb the walls like soldiers. They all keep Marching straight ahead and do not change direction or get in each other’s way. They swarm through defences, and nothing can stop them.” *dancing* (Joel 2:7-8 GNT)
So welcome to …

Valentine Day Blues

Valentine Day Blues!!!

So after all the euphoria of the day, Cakes, Red apparel, Dinners, Glitz and Glam, The day just ended on a sad note for Nigeria. There was news that Goldie Harvey gave up the ghost on February 14. If this is true, Vals day would never be the same for Goldie's family. The news started filtering in at about 8ish, and I think so many people chose to ignore it till this morning. Personally, I thought it was a joke and probably still don't entirely believe.
But it’s February 15th and the rumour is yet to go away. Sad! So this got me thinking again about life. How we are only preserved by the mercies of God. Who would have thought? Anyone could wake up and not go back to sleep in the same bed forever. The truth is if God says it’s time, then it’s time.
Life is short, times are hard, a baby will someday grow old, and with each passing day, we’re one day close to our graves. This is not to impute fear in anyone. This is to evoke deep reflections on how to maximize …

Happy Val's Day Everyone!!!

Why is Val’s day so different this year? The atmosphere is more fitting for a world about to end. There's this unexplainable rush everywhere. Everybody seems to be in a hurry, cards are sold out, counters are crowded, teddy bears and fluffy pillows are overpriced. Some people have a touch of red apparel, some can't be bothered.

I look at blackberry display pictures and I laugh. It looked like some guys had been forced to use a lady's picture at gun point. Their profile had pictures without words. No happy Val’s day or even the latest acronym HVD;mba, no form of association whatsoever.

In the end, there were gifts and there were gifts. In secondary school we called it declaration. Once anyone approached a hostel with gifts the entire house would erupt in shouts of declaration and almost escort the messenger to deliver. Unfortunately the real world has none of that excitement on Val’s day. In secondary school, there were all kinds of 'Val'; Food Val, Picture Val, Under…

Your First Mobile Phone

It's confession time. I know you are now an Android spotting, Iphone carrying, Blackberry owner. But I'm curious. What was your first phone? How much did it cost you?  and just out of curiosity again, What kind of phone would that amount of money get you now?
To think there was actually a time when everyone relied on the analogue Nitel phones to communicate. Those were the original “Telephones” (I say that with an igbo accent) with only one ringtone option “Grin Grin”.  Even your next door neighbour would know you had a phone call. There was no option for checking missed calls. If you missed a call, that was it. If someone lied that they called you, there was no way you could confirm.  
While some people possessed and others shared Telephones between houses, the rich ones at the time owned a Thuraya...that heavy thing that cost so much and was claimed to have the ability to receive and make calls from anywhere; Even the moon.   Before the Thuraya, multinational companies had giv…