Locks of Love; Jazz or Not?

The Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archeveche in Paris have been re-branded by tourists from all over. Neither of these bridges still maintain their original identity, they are now known simply for the hundreds of padlocks attached to the bridge. To be honest, I do not even remember which one of these two bridges I crossed, all I remember seeing is an unbelievable number of padlocks.

From the foot of either bridge, tourists are met with hundreds of padlocks either attached directly to the railings of the bridge or attached to other already attached padlocks on the bridge.

Let me give a brief history of the locks of love before I throw on my African cap. Couples go to these bridges prepared to “seal” their love with a padlock. This is obvious from the fact that most of the padlocks have engraved names while some simply have names inscribed with a felt pen. They call it a symbol of love and commitment (whatever happened to the wedding ring).  The lovers, both of whom must be present, lock their love and throw the key into the river below. According to love locks, it is even believed that if “both members of love’s hand are not present as the lock locks”, then the love has been forever jinxed. Hehe. 

Oya here’s my African side. Forgive me if this is a product of an Africa magic mentality, but while walking on that bridge in Paris, what came to mind was, is this not jazz?

  • So we go to a bridge with a padlock, not as an afterthought, but carefully thought out, and then we seal our love on that bridge above the water. Back to Africa magic, so we go to that man in the woods who tells the lady if you want this man just lock this padlock and throw the key away. I don’t see much difference.
  • On Africa Magic, should that padlock somehow get opened, then there’ll be repercussions, with the love locks, should both lovers not be present at the time the “lock locks” then the love is forever jinxed.
  • While Africa Magic requires only one lover to lock the love of another secretly, European Magic requires both lovers to be present and to lock their love publicly.

While I would like to know what would happen should those locks be removed from those bridges; Bottom line is I've had this question for you all ever since. So here it is again, Locks of Love, Jazz or not? you tell me

Perhaps France may be a better place to lock that love J or better still, perhaps France may be a good place to start that padlock business.

I was sent on this errand by another blogger


  1. Pure Jazz, which kind padlock love is dt 1? hian! so wen d bridge collapses d mammy water in d river will start manifesting abi? and Africans will go there and stupidly do in d name of "modernization"

  2. Lol. Roger that. It's voodoo in a modern way

  3. Hahahahahaha! African Magic na die o! Padlock fire! If 'I love you' no do you, abeg, take a row of stadium seats. I don't believe it is jazz tho. Just random European idiosyncrasy.

  4. @ Areghan, I'm tempted to agree with you.
    @ Cherrywine, looks like you are not as razz as some of us are...
    @anonymous, voodoo in a modern way sounds interesting actually...may explain the locking...lol


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