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Recently, I have been trying my hands out on some food -Xperiments, been reading Food Blogs like the dailies and been discovering some amazing food secrets like the Sesame Seed Oil (thanks to my food network watching cousin)!!!
I'm not a big eater, in fact I can be perfectly defined as "the lady that does not eat" I get comments like "that's why you're not fat" "when you won't eat" "you need to eat" yada yada yada. I tell anyone who cares to listen, food is not the reason I'm not fat. In fact, while I may not be a big a eater, the composition of my tiny meals will send any one with fat genes to the gym.
I love any meal that comes with colour and has an aroma that has me sniffing around. So I basically try to turn everyday meals into something with an aroma and color or a different shape. Sometimes, I stand at the door to my refrigerator and just keep staring. My financial industry work has me staring at every food item and cons…