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Foreign Bribery or Corporate Social Responsibility: Is the Nigerian President a Sacred Cow?

The Italian construction company must really be in love with Mr President. Otherwise, why would they offer and why would Mr President accept a gift of a ‘whole’ church building donated to him in his personal capacity. This is happening at a time when nations are tightening Anti-Bribery Laws and when statistics have shown corruption accounts for 5% of the World’s GDP.

Was it in ignorance, or is the President exempted from the provisions of the laws on anti-bribery in Nigeria. Transparency International and other like-minded organisations have shown that over 1trillion dollars is paid in bribes annually by people transacting business in other countries. 

Nations are no longer smiling with bribe payers or takers even where the bribery was committed in another country. Serious minded Nations have realised the productive uses to which these sums of money could be put. Serious minded Nations have clamped down on foreign bribery. Why then would the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria …