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GTB's Annoying Customer Service

Why haven’t you posted anything in a while? Someone asked me. 'I guess I’ve been distracted' I said then on second thought I added that nothing had gotten me worked up in a while. Well today I got worked up. The Customer Service Officers (CSOs) at GTB got me really worked up.
Now that I think about it, every time I have to make a trip to a particular branch of GTB in the FCT, I leave frustrated. 
The card attached to my account expired in April this year. Prior to its expiration (about two weeks or thereabout) I went to the branch to request another card, after being unable to request same through any on-line platform. I was informed that I had to wait for a debit alert before coming to the bank to request the card, it sounded like a dumb directive but I assumed the CSO knew what she was talking about. After about a month of waiting for a debit alert which I never got, I decided to call GTCONNECT and was informed no card had been requested and I was to go to a branch to apply. S…

Med-View Airline and its Foreign Cabin Crew!

I’ve been accused of blogging once in a 'pink' moon, so here’s one for the New Year!

From my corner at the waiting lounge of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja, I keep staring at the Med-View Plane that had just arrived from Lagos. My mind tries to process why the plane has the EU logo and that of another country imprinted on it. I try even harder to recall what the Med-view logo actually is; the blue wavy stripes at the tail of the plane do not seem the least bit familiar! Perhaps Med-View has commenced flights outside Nigeria, I conclude.
Soon enough my flight to Lagos was announced. We go through the normal security process and that’s when I see the first one. At the door of the aircraft is a Portuguese young man to tell you where your seat is. I have never quite made sense of the need for direction on a local flight. How much help is ‘your seat is to the right’? And while I’m at it, I have also never made sense of the seat belt in an aircraft! Were the aircraft to make a Fl…