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Today We Remember

Today we remember this Friday 17 years ago; Who would have thought when we woke up that we would never forget April 25; Today we remember earnestly awaiting your arrival; You had promised to bring us ‘Kilishi’ and ‘Dankwa’; Today we remember how the time passed and still you had not arrived; Even the special vegetable soup for your arrival was ready; Today we remember not ever eating that soup…lol Or anything at all that night; Today we remember how August visitors trooped into our home at about 7pm; Apparently they had all known since midday; Today we remember retreating to our living room like we had been taught; Only till we heard our mothers shout of “Oh No”; Today we remember how the tears flowed freely that day; And for days and months after that; Today, we remember but with no tears; We remember you with a smile; Today we remember how you would dance with two fingers in the air; And how we would say “Daddy you can’t dance”; Today we remember how your spectacles would perch at the tip of your nos…

The African Parent Gene!

In recent times, I've come to realize that those born in the 80s had similar experiences growing up. It’s amazing how very similar standards were adopted in various homes even without the paths of our parents ever crossing, not even till date. Guess it’s safe to call it the African Gene!
I’ve come up with a shortlist, it’s not exhaustive but feel free to add the other common traits of the African parent.
While growing up;

·When a visitor gives you money, you give it to mummy to keep; when you ask her later, she reminds you your last breakfast was bought with money;

·You had a chest of drawers and each child had a drawer to themselves, while your Church clothes and party clothes were kept in mummy’s room;

·While playing on the street with your neighbours, you see your mummy’s car approach and flee to your house like you just saw a ghost; the fear of the African Mother!

·You get your piece of meat at the end of the meal;

·As a girl you had a pink, red, blue or black party bag which had col…