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RE: Silverbird's Version of Dr. Bello

So as a sequel to the blog on Silverbird's Dr. Bello, I think it would be only fair to inform everyone that I did get appeased.. (Grinning)
Perhaps venting may have not been the answer. My Friend and Brother had been magnanimous enough to post my appeal for pity on their blogs: and
A comment on Cherrywine's blog had me reeling: "AA (I know u) when in doubt watch animation...hubby knows best"; I guess Hubby does know best after all.
While I decided to write about it and nurse my frustration, Hubby simply ran into a Silverbird staff, probably smiled and told him what happened and BAM! We got free tickets to another movie of our choice.
My advice nonetheless; Please vent and trust hubby/boyfriend/brother at the same time. :)