What happened to Christmas?

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Growing up, there was a buildup of excitement for Christmas. Once the 12th month of the year arrived in all its glory, the countdown to Christmas would begin. Decorations would go up, the Christmas tree would finally come out of a place it had been relegated to for 11 months, Christmas lights would get strung, some with music some with burnt bulbs. Street Carnivals and Christmas parties would be held everywhere you turn, some fireworks and then of course the evergreen carols - same songs every year but never old.

December always arrived with pomp and pageantry bringing with it an unexplainable sort of excitement which climaxed with the entry into the New Year. And if the new year consisted of unique numbers like 01/01/01, then people would probably try to get married on that day to immortalize the date. December always had lots of parties, I think I said that before, but December is truly famous for weddings, you have to not live in Africa if you don’t know at least one person getting married; whether you can attend or not.

My friend once said “this December, I won’t sleep” and I thought, how on earth is that possible? That very year, I was taught how possible it was not to sleep. Did I mention that December also heralds the homecoming of family and friends living “in the abroad”? These family and friends were responsible for my lack of sleep that December. December also reminds people living in cities other than their state of origin to make the long (or few lucky short) drive ‘home’ to visit retired relatives or family who have never been to the city, and open up apartments that have been locked and will yet again be locked up for 11 months.

December reminds you of the need to make more money the next year. December reminds you that a new year is about to begin and forces even the simpleton to take stock of the year. But then December always always heralds Christmas and the excitement that comes with it. The smell of the dusty cold air, and the thought of plenty food everywhere you go. That used to be my December.

My brother called me this morning to ask about Christmas and I realized I had absolutely no plans for Christmas! How? Am I alone? Is this old age? Should I hit panic mode? Is Christmas still fun for everyone else my age? What happened to Christmas? 


  1. The trick is to start your own Christmas tradition.You remember everything about Christmas growing up because our parents had their own tradition, even if it meant involving the extended family. The truth is Christmas isn't fun if you try to do it alone. Probably one of the reasons why they call it the season of sharing.

    Personally, I don't think I can ever outgrow Christmas. I started playing Christmas songs in November! And yes,I'm looking forward to the trip to my hometown. Lol.

    Merry Christmas baby! ��

    1. I like your idea of a personal Christmas tradition. I'll work towards that and see if my Christmas looks up. At least I know Christmas is next week and have no plans, I just spoke to a colleague about Christmas and he exclaimed "Is Christmas Next Week?" lol

      Merry Christmas YMC.


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