Katlego Bagwasi-Kidisil

 Of everything I thought the ILFA cohorts of 2015 would share, sad news was definitely not on that list. I imagined getting calls of Timbo becoming President of Sierra Leone, of Yomi becoming a Professor at Law and Senator in Nigeria. I fantasized about vacations around Africa, finally having people to say hello to, as I tour the continent. Botswana may not have been on my list but Ghana was, and with Ghana I’d have seen you and Naa. A local airline had a BOGOF promo to Ghana just on Sunday. A colleague asked if I had ever been to Ghana and I said no, thinking it’s about time I visited this neighboring country now that I have two ILFA colleagues there.

Of everything we share with each other on the group, I’m sure I speak for all if I say no one anticipated such news as this. Mrs. Edwin Coe - how you made the best of that Firm. “My boss is looking forward to some Nigerian headgear” you had said. For your boss I had my head wrapped for the Gala. I watched you dance with your boss at the Gala like you had known him forever. You were full of life like that, which is why it’s hard to accept how someone so full of life could suddenly have life in itself completely snuffed out of her. Can you just respond and prove us all wrong?

“Guys, Guys, listen”, “Guys Guys who has heard from Chantal?” “Guys, Guys, who wants to go punting?” “Guys Guys, just follow my lead in Oxford” “Pointy Point”, with simultaneous movements of your neck/head and hands, you found a way to get your points across in a cheeky way. Your comments at the advanced training sessions were full of insight, especially at the Norton Rose session on Investing in Africa.

 “I just want to go home to my bed” you said as we wrapped up. I feel bad for not keeping in touch, not even a happy new year, and now it’s too late. Too late to ever reach out. Shame on me for planning to get in touch all the way on February 29 - Your birthday. whatever happened to getting in touch the moment I remembered you would have a birthday this year. Could we have been better friends? I’ll never know. Is there a lesson for me here, I’d say yes. Like Ida has aptly stated, ‘we are just human’. I’ll learn to remember the best parts of everyone and make that reason enough to get in touch.
Katlego Bagwasi-Kidisil, #Botswana #ILFA2015 -  May the Angels guide you home.

- 'Bemi' #Nigeria #ILFA2015


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