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This 'Award Tag' by Cherrywine is a call to post by force. At a point in my life where I have no zeal to do anything but sleep after the day's job is done, it feels like punishment. But it's Cherrywine, and I love how her queen's English can quickly dissipate into some serious western Nigeria dialect, so here's my mega belated response to the Tag.

1. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, potential? 

Ehm, to be honest, I do not think I have a secret weapon and seeing as I'm married, I think this question would be best answered by the husband.

2. What are the components of a perfect sandwich?

Caesar Mayo, Chicken breasts, Lettuce, Cucumber, Bacon (Just buy me a Pret Chicken Caesar)

3. Texting or talking?

Texting! Talking requires the perfect ambience and time. but you can text right in the middle of a concert.

4. How should people that speak with "a foreign accent with strong H-factor or any other factors" be punished?

Subject them to an exam that requires them to spell as they speak as a pre-condition for a promotion... :)

5. What does feminism mean to you?

I hope I do not offend any feminist, and my apologies in advance, but I think Feminists try to create issues where none exist. I stand to be corrected.

6. If you could be anything or anyone for a day, who or what would you be and why?

Christina Lagarde. She just seems so powerful and in control. I follow her on twitter just because.

7.What was the last book you read? Using a star rating, how many stars out of 5 would you give it?

This is an exposure. I'm having to rack my head to remember what it was. It's such a shame but the last book I read was 'Living and Working in London' by Graeme Chesters and David Hampshire. I recently had to work in a London Firm for three months and the HR gave this book to me. I did myself a favour and read it back to back. It gets a three star rating from me and that is not because it is not a great book, but because it sort of highlights things I already know or can find on the net.

8. What is the most ridiculous bit of news you've heard this year?

Oh my, so much ridiculous news this year, from politics to the board room, to ridiculous appointments I think my new favourite phrase is 'It's ridiculous', listen for it when you see me. Yeah so now that I try to remember every time I have used the phrase, 'it's ridiculous,' I think the winning news has to be Governor Ambode's creation of an Office of overseas affairs and Investment. It is just RIDICULOUS!!!

9. What bit of news saddened you the most this year?

Sorry Cherrywine, not for public consumption.


Hehe , I think I get to opt out of this question. Just for fun though, I'd click on 4, 6, 10. Once he's smart, I'm alright. The spirit of knowing what to do shall rest mightily upon him in every other area. Once he's faithful, I have peace. And as long as he's romantic I'm happy.

Phew! The first paragraph of this post has been a draft since October 15 *covers face in shame* but that is a product of my London hustle.

Like Cherrywine, I don't exactly have bloggers to tag so I may barely scrape up three.

By the powers conferred on me, I hereby tag thee:

Would you please step up and tell the world;

1. Why you decided to have your own blog?
2. What motivates your posts or has inspired your lack of a post in years :p?
3. Would you regard yourself a good friend?
4. Your greatest fears for the future?
5. What Feminism means to you?
6. Your Role Model or Mentor
7. How many of your current friends are from 15 years ago and above?
8. Road Trip or Flight?
9. Would you be a stay home mum for a million bucks a month?
10. Please build your man as well.

*copied* Instructions ladies:
1.      Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site;
2.      Put the award logo on your blog;
3.      Answer the ten questions sent to you;
4.      Nominate five blogs (or less);
5.      Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer

Gracias again Cherrywine!


  1. Took you long enough and took me long enough to comment! Thanks for doing the tag. Very interesting answers. Bisoux!

  2. Thank you Cherrywine, it was a fun challenge.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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